Steel systems
for doors and windows

Steel systems for doors, windows and Curtain-walls designed and produced in Italy.


Doors and windows designed by SteelVast fit for every project necessity.

Italian elegance merges with the most modern technologies to satisfy the continuous evolving demand of contemporary architecture.

Discover the individual systems


Doors and windows designed by Steelvast fit for every project necessity.

Discover the individual systems


Steel profiles with 1.5 -2mm thickness which provides higher stability and a better base to weld. This system uses profiles continuously welded and galvanized with “Sendzimir” method.


Valdus System is the advanced system for industrial door designed by Steelvast. It is made especially to be durable and functional for industrial environments.


Thermal break system “TermoRatio” guarantees a high thermal insulation and a waste variety of products.
Coming soon


Fire rated system “Defendo” is certified according EN standards in EI30 and EI60. The system is user-friendly and simplify the production.
Coming soon


Curtain-wall system “Vitrum” for wide screens to realize great luminous places with minimum structural space, mechanical resistance and stability.
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SteelVast is the perfect partner for every design challenge. We offer the best solution for every type of architectural request with a high level of customization and adaptation of the design and functionality of the product.

01. Technical support

At SteelVast we adopt strict quality standards, and our technicians will support you from design to installation for a high-quality product.

02. Feasibility study

Our team of experts will conduct a detailed analysis, assessing project-specific requirements, technical challenges, and optimization opportunities.

03. Technical specifications

We carefully evaluate the specifications required and considering the technical and aesthetic aspects to provide the most innovative and functional solutions of the project.

04. Material optimization

With a targeted approach of employing customized software, we guarantee a minimal waste and a maximal output of the material.

05. Customized development

By using leading-edge technologies and high-quality materials, we aim to develop concepts that incorporate all required specifications

06. Inspection and verification

Through rigorous inspections and tests, we ensure that each Product meets the highest standards, offering reliable performance and compliance according EN regulations.


Italian and European research, development and craftsmanship distinguish SteelVast. 

Our headquarter and showroom ensure us to control and support our clients for every kind of project.

Galvanized profiles by Sendzimir method

Steelvast profiles are galvanized using “Sendzimir” method which is different from the hot dip galvanizing or the electro-galvanizing because it is made through continuous immersion belt in molten zinc. The process guarantees an external protection, and specially an internal one of the tubular, a zinc thickness which helps to improve the galvanization avoiding toxic smokes and cracking and, at last, a better protection thanks to the colorless chromatization which prevent sulphation phenomenon.


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