Steel systems for doors, windows and curtain walls.

SteelVast offers a complete range of steel systems for windows and doors, with high static resistance, extraordinary structural capabilities and excellent thermal insulation and safety properties.


“Ratio” consists of steel profiles with 1.5 -2mm thickness which provides higher stability and a better base to weld. This system uses profiles continuously welded and galvanized with “Sendzimir” method.


Valdus System is the advanced system for industrial door designed by Steelvast. It is made especially to be durable and functional for industrial environments.


Thermal break system “TermoRatio” guarantees a high thermal insulation and a waste variety of products.
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Fire rated system “Defendo” is certified according EN standards in EI30 and EI60. The system is user-friendly and simplify the production.
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Curtain-wall system “Vitrum” for wide screens to realize great luminous places with minimum structural space, mechanical resistance and stability.
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